Autor: Jeff Cogswell, D. Ryan Stephens, Christopher Diggins, Jonathan Turkanis
Verlag: O'Reilly Nov. 2006
Genre: Programmierung, Referenz
Format: Broschiert    ISBN: 9780596007614    Seiten: 592
Zusammenfassung: Despite its highly adaptable and flexible nature, C++ is also one of the more complex programming languages to learn. Once mastered, however, it can help you organize and process information with amazing efficiency and quickness.
The "C++ Cookbook" will make your path to mastery much shorter. This practical, problem-solving guide is ideal if you're an engineer, programmer, or researcher writing an application for one of the legions of platforms on which C++ runs. The algorithms provided in "C++ Cookbook" will jump-start your development by giving you some basic building blocks that you don't have to develop on your own. </p>
Less a tutorial than a problem-solver, the book addresses many of the most common problems you're likely encounter--whether you've been programming in C++ for years or you're relatively new to the language. Here are just some of the time-consuming tasks this book contains practical solutions for: <ul><li>Reading the contents of a directory </li><li>Creating a singleton class </li><li>Date and time parsing/arithmetic </li><li>String and text manipulation </li><li>Working with files </li><li>Parsing XML </li><li>Using the standard containers </li></ul></p>
Typical of O'Reilly's "Cookbook" series, "C++ Cookbook" is written in a straightforward format, featuring recipes that contain problem statements and code solutions, and apply not to hypothetical situations, but those that you're likely to encounter. A detailed explanation then follows each recipe in order to show you how and why the solution works. This question-solution-discussion format is a proven teaching method, as any fan of the "Cookbook" series can attest to. This book will move quickly to the top of your list of essential C++ references.</p>

Autor: Kyle Loudon
Verlag: O'Reilly Jan. 2003
Genre: Referenz, Programmierung
Format: Taschenbuch    ISBN: 9780596004965    Seiten: 130
Zusammenfassung: In addition to serving as a ready-reference for C++ programmers, the C++ Pocket Reference is useful to Java and C programmers who are making the transition to C++ or who find themselves occasionally programming in C++. The three languages are often confusingly similar. This book enables programmers familiar with C or Java to quickly come up to speed on how a particular construct or concept is implemented in C++."--Jacket.

Autor: Voltaire
Verlag: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag Nov. 2005
Genre: Klassiker
Format: Taschenbuch    ISBN: 9783423342520    Seiten: 176

Autor: Geoffrey Chaucer
Verlag: Insel Verlag Feb. 1981
Genre: Klassiker
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe    Seiten: 696
Zusammenfassung: Aus dem Englischen herausgegeben von Martin Lehnert. 1. Auflage. Mit Abbildungen., 695 Seiten., 8°. OLeinwand mit Schutzumschlag (dieser mit geringen Gebrauchsspuren)., Auf Vorsatz handschriftliche Signatur von Martin Lehnert (ebenso der Wunsch : Viel Vergnügen !). Gutes Exemplar mit Lesebändchen.

Autor: Anthony Burgess
Verlag: Penguin Books Feb. 2000
Genre: Klassiker
Ausgabe: New Ed    Format: Taschenbuch    ISBN: 9780141182605    Seiten: 176

Autor: Vyvyan Evans, Melanie C. Green
Verlag: Edinburgh University Press Feb. 2006
Genre: Referenz, Linguistik
Format: Broschiert    ISBN: 9780748618323    Seiten: 848
Zusammenfassung: An authoritative general introduction to cognitive linguistics, this book provides up-to-date coverage of all areas of the field and sets in context recent developments within cognitive semantics and cognitive approaches to grammar.

Autor: Paul Heyse
Verlag: Wilhelm Hertz Berlin Dez. 1900
Genre: Dramatik
Ausgabe: 10    Format: Gebundene Ausgabe    Seiten: 98

Autor: Henry Miller
Verlag: Norton & Company Mai 2010
Genre: Gegenwartsliteratur
Ausgabe: 2nd Revised edition    Format: Taschenbuch    ISBN: 9780811218573    Seiten: 223

Autor: Dante Alighieri
Verlag: Hädecke Stuttgart Sep. 1922
Genre: Klassiker
Ausgabe: 8    Format: Halbledereinband    Seiten: 533

Autor: William Somerset Maugham
Verlag: Heinemann Jan. 1959
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe    Seiten: 528

Autor: Partha Niyogi
Verlag: The MIT Press Aug. 2009
Genre: Linguistik, Mathematik
Format: Broschiert    ISBN: 9780262513395    Seiten: 504
Zusammenfassung: The nature of the interplay between language learning and the evolution of a language over generational time is subtle. We can observe the learning of language by children and marvel at the phenomenon of language acquisition; the evolution of a language, however, is not so directly experienced. Language learning by children is robust and reliable, but it cannot be perfect or languages would never change--and English, for example, would not have evolved from the language of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. In this book Partha Niyogi introduces a framework for analyzing the precise nature of the relationship between learning by the individual and evolution of the population.Learning is the mechanism by which language is transferred from old speakers to new. Niyogi shows that the evolution of language over time will depend upon the learning procedure--that different learning algorithms may have different evolutionary consequences. He finds that the dynamics of language evolution are typically nonlinear, with bifurcations that can be seen as the natural explanatory construct for the dramatic patterns of change observed in historical linguistics. Niyogi investigates the roles of natural selection, communicative efficiency, and learning in the origin and evolution of language--in particular, whether natural selection is necessary for the emergence of shared languages.Over the years, historical linguists have postulated several accounts of documented language change. Additionally, biologists have postulated accounts of the evolution of communication systems in the animal world. This book creates a mathematical and computational framework within which to embed those accounts, offering a research tool to aid analysis in an area in which data is often sparse and speculation often plentiful.

Verlag: CQ Press Jan. 2013
Genre: Politikwissenschaft
Ausgabe: 2    Format: Broschiert    ISBN: 9781608717958    Seiten: 648

Autor: Carl Sagan
Verlag: Ballantine Books Dez. 1985
Genre: Physik, Philosophie
Format: Taschenbuch    ISBN: 9780345331359    Seiten: 324
Zusammenfassung: The best-selling science book ever published in the English language, COSMOS is a magnificent overview of the past, present, and future of science. Brilliant and provocative, it traces today's knowledge and scientific methods to their historical roots, blending science and philosophy in a wholly energetic and irresistible way.

Autor: Zoltan Torey
Verlag: The MIT Press Apr. 2009
Genre: Biowissenschaften, Neurowissenschaften, Bewusstsein
Ausgabe: Reprint    Format: Broschiert    ISBN: 9780262512848    Seiten: 264
Zusammenfassung: We are material beings in a material world, but we are also beings who have experiences and feelings. How can these subjective states be just a matter of matter? Philosophical materialists have formulated what is sometimes called "the phenomenal concept strategy" (which holds that we possess a range of special concepts for classifying the subjective aspects of our experiences) to defend materialism. In Consciousness Revisited, philosopher Michael Tye, until now a proponent of the approach, argues that the phenomenal concept strategy is mistaken. A rejection of phenomenal concepts leaves the materialist with the task of finding some other strategy for defending materialism. Tye points to four major puzzles of consciousness that arise: How is it possible for Mary, in the famous thought experiment, to make a discovery when she leaves her black-and-white room? In what does the explanatory gap consist and how can it be bridged? How can the hard problem of consciousness be solved? How are zombies possible? Tye presents solutions to these puzzles--solutions that relieve the pressure on the materialist created by the failure of the phenomenal concept strategy. In doing so, he discusses and makes new proposals on a wide range of issues, including the nature of perceptual content, the conditions necessary for consciousness of a given object, the proper understanding of change blindness, the nature of phenomenal character and our awareness of it, whether we have privileged access to our own experiences, and, if we do, in what such access consists.

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